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Happy new year to all of my fellow unemployed/underemployed friends!!! 🎉🎆🎉 Hope you enjoyed whatever it was you celebrate and had a lot of good whatever it was you typically eat during said celebration!!!

As you can tell, one of my resolutions this year is to be more open and accepting of those that are different than myself. Another one of my resolutions is to break my resolutions as early as possible, thereby eliminating any unnecessary pressure and anxiety. This is going to be a great year, I can just feel it...

I have always wondered why there weren't any direct sequels to the great Roland Emmerich documentary 2012. All the characters, plots and ending packaged into a tight 2 hour format. Nowadays, all of the disasters and horrors of each year are broken down into short snippets shown daily on the news channels...thank you, thank you...I will be here all week, month, year...

Pretty Girl Eating Expensive NYC Michelin Pizza

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Updated: Oct 30, 2023

I've been mixing things up a bit lately. Who says I can only apply for banking jobs?! Who says I can't apply for a job at Google, Apple, Nasa? Google, Apple, and Nasa, that's who. Never received so many auto rejections in my life...err, recent life..

I've been watching a bit a television lately. To be perfectly honest, I haven't watched a lot of TV in like, forever, since maybe The Sopranos, which I really didn't watch religiously either. Maybe Seinfeld, maybe Friends...It was probably Married, with Children; loved/love that show. Anyway, supposedly, there are a ton of great shows on right now. And with the hundreds of different streaming services available, I can watch almost anything from any period of time, ever. Which leads me to, wtf is up with all of the different services!?! There's so fking many and they cost so much now, like wtf is this s#!t?! And some of them are even banding together, forming their own little clique and charging a bundle fee. Like dude!?!..this is the same s#!t we all complained about and got rid of. And to let it somehow Human Centipede its way back into our lives, LOL... Which leads me to this week's affiliate marketing link, juuuuust kiddding.

The Bear on Hulu. That's what I've been watching. So many fxcked up people on that show; makes me feel a little bit better about my own life...kinda, sorta. And no affiliate marketing link this post; I was rejected from becoming a Hulu partner due to the insensitve topics on the site. Like what?! Well fxck you, you <racially, culturally, sexist, other offensive word> bitch!!!

Pretty Girl Eating Expensive NYC Michelin Pizza

  • Writer's pictureUnemployed Banker

Submitted some more apps; fingers crossed hoping the AI overlords deem my resume worthy of a glance. Why does someone always have to have us by the balls?!! It used to be human HR idiots, now its fxxking cyborg AI motherfxxkers.

It may surprise you but....I don't get out much. Most of my experience with the outside world, aka reality, is through the safety of my phone screen. I put my full faith and confidence in Google, Youtube and TikTok to accurately represent the real world experience to me while in the comfort of my smelly pjs and unkempt home.

Which leads me to...

Wtf is going on with $9 slices of pizza!?! And why do I have to be handed one piece of sushi at a time while listening to chill, hip-hop instrumentals? No, I do not want to wait in a 2 hour line to try Halal chicken over rice from a shopping cart. Hopefully soon, we can have my esteemed colleague Unemployed Chef join us to go over wtf is going on in his head and in the food industry, because this is bulls#!t.

Pretty Girl Eating Expensive NYC Michelin Pizza

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