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Mid-year Check-in

Updated: Jun 6

Time for a mid-year check-in

I'm doing okay...hanging in there. Hope all of you out there are hanging in as well. It's been a while and I know many of you were getting worried about me, but really, I'm fine. However, I did want to talk about something that is very important to me.

I really enjoy sardines. Like really, reeeaaaallly enjoy them. Smoked, in mustard, hot name it, I eat it. On crackers, over rice, straight outta the can while standing over the sink....I really enjoy my sardines...Well, except for the ones packed in spring water, like, yuck, who thought that was a good idea. Isn't the whole point to subdue the fishiness and highlight the best part, which is....kinda the fishiness....

Listen, we're missing the point here. The real issue that I wanted to discuss is that tinned fish (and fish adjacent meats, e.g. mussels, etc) isn't only for poor folks or unemployed folks. That sentiment is sooooo ignorant. Like, really....reeeaaaallly...

Opening a can of delicious sardines


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