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Taylor N(fl)ation

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Still no job offers, wtf is this s#!t. I wonder if I'm doing something wrong...nah, I'm just gonna blame the system or mental health or the economy or...

But more importantly, Taylor Swift is everywhere. I have never turned on a T. Swift (am I allowed to call her that?) song before in my life. However, I have never turned off a Taylor S. song when it came on, either. She should definitely headline the half-time show at the upcoming Super Bowl. That way, millions of guys around the country can pretend to act annoyed and not know the words to her songs when she performs.

I've been thinking; I should start linking items here that people can buy so I can make a few bucks, so I can pay the bills. Like Tay Swif merchandise or something. I'm gonna learn how to do that, right after I learn how to design a website...

NFL Taylor Swift Boyfriend Shirt


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