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Expensive Michelin BullS#!t

Submitted some more apps; fingers crossed hoping the AI overlords deem my resume worthy of a glance. Why does someone always have to have us by the balls?!! It used to be human HR idiots, now its fxxking cyborg AI motherfxxkers.

It may surprise you but....I don't get out much. Most of my experience with the outside world, aka reality, is through the safety of my phone screen. I put my full faith and confidence in Google, Youtube and TikTok to accurately represent the real world experience to me while in the comfort of my smelly pjs and unkempt home.

Which leads me to...

Wtf is going on with $9 slices of pizza!?! And why do I have to be handed one piece of sushi at a time while listening to chill, hip-hop instrumentals? No, I do not want to wait in a 2 hour line to try Halal chicken over rice from a shopping cart. Hopefully soon, we can have my esteemed colleague Unemployed Chef join us to go over wtf is going on in his head and in the food industry, because this is bulls#!t.

Pretty Girl Eating Expensive NYC Michelin Pizza


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